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Trail apparel & gear

Built & worn by misfits.



What makes a Misfit Mountainerd?

We have the upmost (utmost?) respect for the professional outdoor athletes. They deserve every bit of praise, honor, and Instagram beauty bestowed upon them. They've earned it.

The rest of us, the misfits and misfittes with no hope of sponsorship, are the lifeblood of the sport. We're the pre-work, lunch time, & weekend warriors training for the 5K, 10K, duathlon, triathlon, or just out having fun for the sake of fun. The Misfit Mountainerds.

Designed to hold up to the elements and your own stank, Misfit Mountain lets you embrace that spirit with fun trail apparel and gear. 





Misfit Mountain embraces and encourages the "stank face". Make a ridiculous face, and send it our way. Tag it #stankface, you stanker.

And what about when you're stuck at work and can't go play? Don't flip the bird, flip the "M". M is for Mountain. Drop a little mountain action wherever and whenever you need it most. #FlipTheM


Misfit Mountain was inspired by a misfit of a mountain.

Hidden in plain sight of I-40 lives a giant, heaping mound of discarded construction waste from decades ago. Bandits carved a sloping path up, and steep descent down this pile of refuse, today covered by dirt, trees, and vegetation. From this, we derive our inspiration. Thank you...bandits.