When Work Gets In The Way


Part of the culture of Misfit Mountain is an understanding that none of us get paid to play outside. We squeeze in the run, ride, or paddle as often as we can, sandwiching it between work and family commitments. 

Our merry band decided a few years back to establish regular ride times. Some degree of consistency makes that whole planning thing a little easier. We try to ride every Thursday night and every Sunday morning. 

Unfortunately, sometimes work gets in the way. I'm here in lovely Jekyll Island, GA, preparing to speak at a conference. After the show, I'll make the 7 hour drive back home. I could get up and ride Sunday morning, but I take you back to that first sentence. I'm not getting paid to ride my bike...although I wouldn't turn it down...and unless there's a market for sponsoring slow, non-jumping, riders it's likely not going to happen. Instead I'll make pancakes Sunday morning and hang with the fam. Maybe we'll all go out for a ride instead. 

And now I'll go sneak in a run through some Spanish moss infested trees.

Matthew Davis