The Misfits Takes Flight


We're ready to launch. The gear is arriving, and the photo shoots are scheduled. Misfit Mountain is about to take flight.

Everything about Misfit Mountain is simple. We design trail apparel and gear for Misfits, Misfittes, and Lil' Misfittes. It's affordably priced (more on that below), fun to wear, and fun to be a part of something exciting and ridiculous. Our gear is designed to hold up to the elements and your own stank, and be cozy and comfortable.

Misfit Mountain is for the 99.8% that are the lifeblood of all outdoor trail sports. We ride, run, and paddle for fun. Misfits sign up for a race here and there, but mostly enjoy spending time outside with our friends and family, or in quiet solitude when one needs a break.

Did we mention fun yet? The Misfit Culture celebrates the most important part of playing outside, which is of course, having fun. One simple way to do that is to make a stank face. A "stank face", for the uninitiated, is any ridiculous face you can make whilst in the process of sitting, standing, riding, or running. Tag it #stankface and send it our way...we'll send back swag.

Your second way to have fun within the Misfit Mountain culture is to #FlipTheM when you're stuck at work, but pine for the outdoors. We've got a post dedicated to that.

About our prices...Misfit Mountain employs the fair price promise. All of our gear is priced fairly. We don't pretend like shit's on sale when it's really not. We don't teach you to wait for better pricing from emails. We give you a fair price now, we make some money to buy the next batch, and you get some badass trail apparel. Win-freaking-win.

We do have big ambitions. Wouldn't it be more fun to get paid to ride bikes, run in the woods, and drink beer for a living? We'll be using these early days of Misfit Mountain to fund future product development, because everyone needs a "Stank Pack" or a "De-Stanker". You'll have to wait and see, and that waiting may take years. Good things take time.

Join us, buy some misfit gear, have fun, play outside. #misfitmountain #stankface #FlipTheM

Matthew Davis