The Misfits Ride The Couch Potato

Have you ever ridden 25 miles of single track, up and down three mountains, all at once? Billed as an event that requires no training, The Couch Potato puts riders on 25 miles of Pisgah’s most scenic and enjoyable trails. 

As the race organizers describe it, “The Couch Potato is an annual mountain biking race with a short enough course to make it doable from ‘off the couch’.”  I’m calling bullshit on that. 

The Misfit Mountain “Racing” Team heads to Pisgah National Forest this weekend to ride the race and for our semi-annual MTB trip. An elite group of racers, i.e. the two that paid the fee on time, will attempt all 25 miles, including this misfit. The other four will join us for additional riding, imbibery, and misfittery.


And in a special turn of events, we’ll have the youngest misfit joining us on what’s typically a grown-up weekend. 10 year old Coop has been training for hitting his first lines at DuPont State Forest on a wicked nice Specialized RipRock fat tire bike.


And an extra special bonus, we'll be sporting our new Misfit Mountain canopy to make us easy to find pre and post race, and to show off some new Misfit gear.

Post weekend summary to follow next week.

Matthew Davis