An Homage to The #Stankface

A part of the Misfit Mountain culture is not taking yourself too seriously. After all, you can't be a misfit, misfitte, or lil' misfit and expect to look and act glamorous. And nothing humbles even the noblest of a-holes like catching them making a terrible face, on camera. Plus, making these "stank faces" is really fun to do, and even more fun to laugh at later.

The origins of the stank face certainly don't begin with us, and we may never know who originated this creative form of facial expression, but we do know an early pioneer: Jeremie Buck. His many stank faces inspired generations.

There are, of course, many ways in which you can make a stank face. As long as you're able to contort your facial muscles into places they've never been, you are succeeding. And making stank faces in the woods is not an original concept, but we have faith in all y'all misfits that we're going to take it to unprecedented levels.

On that note, here are some great stank faces we've made, witnessed, or shared from our merry band of misfits. #stankface.

Photo credits go to Steve Barker for the mountain bike pics, Junction 311 for the trail running pics, and the Gainers for their couples glamourshot. 

Matthew Davis