The Couch Potato & MTB Weekend Recap

If you’re like our gang of Misfits, you’re lucky to finagle 1 to 4 mountain bike trips per year. If you’re doing more than that, I hope you’re single with no children, or planning to be divorced, or do outdoorsy stuff for a living and your job depends on it.

Our merry band of Misfits headed back to an East Coast meccas for one of our mountain bike weekends, visiting Pisgah National Forest and DuPont State Forest. Copious amounts of beverages consumed post-race (more on that below), at The Hub, and couch side.

While we all originally planned to enter and ride in the 25 mile Couch Potato race, hosted wonderfully by Blue Ridge Adventures, only two of us were not total slackers and signed up before the cutoff.

Here’s the recap: 

* It was drizzly and semi-slippery, but not too bad

* Going up and down 3 mountains is really f-ing difficult. Training at 300 feet elevation then pounding it out up to 3,500 wears on your innards.

* The event was fantastic and we had a blast

Most importantly, we had a great time, as we always do, hanging out with our friends, making new friends, and sometimes doing our own thing.

Mostest importantly, I may have created a monster. My 10 year old son conquered DuPont’s famous Ridgeline trail not once, but twice. But where he really got hooked was running the big-ass jump lines at Reeb Ranch, the super fun bike park / farm located just outside of DuPont. Nothing puts a grin on a 10 year old’s face like clearing your first 8 foot table top. 

We documented the weekend with pics and a video. Here’s how the Misfit gang rolls. All photos that look good - photo credits to Blue Ridge Adventures.

Matthew Davis