Time Slows Down Before Bike Trip Weekend

It's Tuesday. The Spring Bike Trip begins this coming Friday morning. I'm pretty sure that Monday and Tuesday's scientifically allotted 48 hour time span has been time-shifted to 480 hours. Time slows down before bike trip weekend...you might say we've been time-shitted.

Certainly, part of the fun is the anticipation. Having near-death experiences, getting like three feet of air off of sweet jumps, and imbibing copious amounts of malted beverages gives us Misfit Mountainerds something to look forward to as we suffer under the bleaching glare of the office's flourescent bulbs. But dang...how is it only Tuesday?

For this Spring trip we're headed up to the Warrior Creek series of trails, along with Rocky Knob in Boone, with maybe a dash of Pisgah National Forest thrown in (a little Schoolhouse - the raunchiest trail we've never ridden). Some lucky VRBO owner's cabin just outside of Boone proper will be graced with our presence.

It's not just me, right? Time does slow down before bike trip weekend, or any vacation for that matter, correct?

Our humble post-trip recap will follow...

PS - Don't forget to pre-order you Man style or Woman Style "Favorite Trails" jersey before for 4/30 for $10 OFF.

Matthew Davis