Pre-Sale on "Favorite Trails" Jersey


North Carolina is #blessed with tons of great trails for riding, running, horsing, and horsing around. We pay homage to many of our favorite trails in the newest addition to the Misfit Mountain lineup.

The "Favorite Trails" jersey is on pre-sale right now, open to any and all misfits and misfittes who not only want to look legit (like they've ridden all of these trails), but who also want to support them. 

That's right, we'll donate a portion of the sales to help build, maintain, and repair our NC trails. 

Live outside North Carolina? You can look extra legit by looking and speaking intelligently about our state's trails. Otherwise, you're SOL as we don't know jack about your state's trails. Sorry, not sorry.

Pre-sale means we'll give you $10 OFF the $30 list price, and you help us get the inventory without going broke. Send us a picture of your best #stankface before you complete checkout, and we'll send you the promo code for another $5 OFF.

Buy a men's black, navy, red, or burnt orange jersey here.

Buy a women's black, navy, or coral jersey here.

We'll be shipping these out no later than May 1st.

Matthew Davis